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Funny, Real Life, Crazy Beauty Horror Stories!

Ugh, we know. It’s dreadful Thursday, not quite Friday, yet! But to help you get through the ‘almost’ last day of the week, we’ve decided to share some of our favorite most shocking, funny crazy beauty horror stories that we found online!

  1. I Woke Up Like This

  2. Ever fell asleep with a face mask when you were only supposed to leave it on for 15 minutes? Yeah, this is every reason why NOT to.

  3. Beauty Is The Best Revenge…Or Nah? Attack of The Stylist!

  4. stylist-horror-story

    Laura, a reader, describes her hair as “very frizzy” with a texture like a “brillo pad.”

    On her wedding day she went to a beauty salon to have her hair done. The stylist told Laura she could make her hair look beautiful. She proceeded to cut her hair so short that there was no way she could put it up to tame it. The bride had tears in her eyes, and the stylist looked at her coldly and said, “What can you expect with hair like yours?”

  5. Blind Spot

  6. “I’d just returned to my parents’ house for the summer after my junior year in college, and I unloaded all my toiletries onto one shelf in the bathroom. That night, I was exhausted and rushing through my bedtime routine. After taking out my contacts, I reached into the cabinet and grabbed what I would have SWORN ON MY LIFE was my eye makeup remover—but was in fact nail polish remover. I doused a cotton ball and began wiping off my mascara and eyeliner. Sweet mother of mayhem, it took me five full seconds to understand what was happening. By then, my right eyeball was marinating in nail polish remover. It felt exactly how you think it would. Surprising, I didn’t land in the hospital. I flushed my eyeball under running water for what was probably a full five minutes (high school chemistry lab safety lesson!), and I was fine. Looking back, I maybe should’ve contacted poison control or something. But lesson learned: organize your beauty products immediately after unpacking.”–Jorie Larsen, contributing writer to Beautylish!

  7. When Your Makeup Artist Says, “Oops!”

  8. Kitty, a reader of, details her beauty horror after getting her makeup done for a wedding.

    It’s not uncommon for Chinese weddings to be catered by a wedding studio. Its a package deal with photos, dresses and tux rentals, limos and even the make up and hair. For my brother’s wedding, I was getting my makeup and hair done at the same time. Usually that wouldn’t be the problem except my eyebrows needed a little tidying and the makeup artist decided to instead of plucking, she shaved. So with one jerk of my hair by the hair stylist, the makeup artist shaved off the tail half of my eyebrow. I walked around for 2-3 weeks with a half missing brow because no powder or pencil stayed put.

    Read more:

  9. This Man Is On Fiyahhhhhh! ♫

  10. A reddit user went in for a usual laser hair treatment and ended up on fire! Yikes…

    “I was having some hair on my neck lasered and somehow my hair or maybe some lint from my shirt burst into flames. It went out immediately but I had a burn on my neck for a while going right across my throat which made it looked like a scar from somebody slitting my throat or something.”

Got any good beauty horror stories? We want to know! Share yours in the comments below!

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