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how to use the lilumia device

Follow this step-­by-­step guide to learn how to professionally clean your makeup brushes
with the Lilumia Makeup Brush Cleaning Device. Here are the steps for our most popular brush cleaning treatment.

Click to Review Brush Chart Before Proceeding.

Video Length: 4 minutes, 30 seconds.
• Pour warm water into the Clean Water Area and fill right below the MAX Fill Line.

• Pour 2 ounces of Lilumia Cleanser directly onto the cleaning disk.

If experiencing stiff or sticky brush hairs, Dilute 1-2 ounces of Lilumia Cleanser with 1 ounce of warm water
Video Length: 40 seconds.
Video Length: 25 seconds.

The key to removing stubborn makeup formulated with wax such as lipsticks, gels and eyeliners is to swipe your brushes with a cloth before loading them into your device. We recommend swiping your brush hairs each time you use the Lilumia device.

• Remove excess powder/liquid from the top, bottom and sides of brush hairs with a towel or cloth.

• We DO NOT recommend using paper towels.

• Insert up to 12 makeup brushes into the brush holder from the bottom up.

• Push your brushes onto the cleaning disk in a twisting motion to ensure your brush hairs are separated.

• Brushes should be "engaged" with the cleaning disk; and rub against the cleaning disk with brush hairs separated.
Video Length: 1 minute