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September 1, 2015
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Our Top 5 Halloween Costume Looks In 2015!

Finding the perfect halloween costume can be daunting! This year, the beauty community has taken it up a whole other notch! And even though there is only five more days left, it’s still more than enough time to plan! We’ve decided to make it easy for you by presenting our favorite Halloween Costumes for 2015!

5. @Chrisspy’s – Werewolf


Every year we get super excited for what Chrisspy has in store! Not only is she willing to go downright creepy with it, but she makes it so effortlessly glamorous! She Wolf anyone?

Besides this look being Oh-So-Ah-Ma-Zing, the best part is, most of this look can be achieved by using one palette:Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘World Traveler’ Couture.


4. @Alexandrasgirlytalk – Snap Chat Filter


Don’t have a costume to wear but have some spare paints laying around? Seriously — this is the cheapest, most innovative costumer EVER!



3. @Jackiewyers- Sadness


And for the most adorable costume of the year goes to *drum roll* Jackie Wyers. Sadness, a fan favorite from the 2015 Pixar Film Inside was completely owned by Jackie Wyers.

While this costume is super cute, it does take quite a bit more work and costume to get fully into character. Nonetheless, Jackie breaks the whole entire process down step-by-step.


1. @NikkieTutorials – Queen Of The Dead


Nikkie, one of our beauty, favs has brought two looks: QUEEN OF THE DEAD + THE COUNTESS. Since we had to choose one (talk about DIFFICULT), we picked Queen Of The Dead as our favorite but decided to list both tutorials.


1. @Chrisspy – Gangster Clown


Again, Chrisspy shut’s it down, locks the door and throws the key into the middle of the ocean. Our favorite look this year is Chrisspy’s gangster clown!

For years, we’ve seen tattoo after tattoo of Gangster clowns and now it’s even better as a costume! For this look, most if it can be achieved using one palette: Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Artist’ Couture.

Which Look Is Your Favorite?

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