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May 1, 2017
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July 4, 2017
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Lilumia 2 Dubai

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The secret to flawless skin starts with keeping your makeup brushes clean!

Here at Lilumia we are the undisputed Queens of brush cleaning. The revolutionary Lilumia 2 is the world’s best-selling, fully automated makeup brush cleaning device. This Hi-Tech beauty appliance professionally cleans up to 12 makeup brushes with the push of a button, leaving your brush fibers soft and silky after each use.

Its futuristic and transparent design adds counter top appeal and allows you to spend more time doing what you love (like watching Netflix). A match made in heaven for makeup enthusiasts, professionals and anyone who doesn’t want to spend time scrubbing over the sink. Keep your hands clean and your skin clear with the Lilumia 2!



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The Lilumia 2 completes a wash cycle and 3 rinse cycles hands-free within 15 minutes!

3 Easy Steps: Pour, Prep, and Load!

Wash Cycle: During the wash cycle your brushes come in contact with Lilumia cleanser and a textured silicone disk to effectively remove bacteria, long wearing liquid foundations, and heavily pigmented eye shadows with ease.

Rinse Cycles: Soiled water is drained at the completion of each cycle as clean water flows up to the surface thoroughly rinsing your brush hairs of leftover remnants of cleanser or makeup.

Drying Process: Once the Lilumia has completed the cleaning process, remove the lid, place the brushes into the hang dry position to let your brushes air dry. You can use the Lilumia at night and wake up to clean, soft, and dry brushes! (Air drying is the preferred method to prevent brush damage)

Up to 12 makeup brushes at one time* (12 Thin Brushes, 6 Thick Brushes or combination)

Please Note: It is highly recommended that you place your Lilumia device in a well ventilated area of your home during the cleaning/drying process.

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  • Prevents Skin Breakouts
  • Convenient
  • Save Money
  • Flawless Makeup Application
  • Save Time


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