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July 22, 2015
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July 31, 2015
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Unconventional, Strange Beauty Secrets That Make You Prettier!

  • Wake up with a ginormous pimple? To get rid of redness, sweeping and pain, dab on a little bit of diaper rash cream directly on the pimple and voilà — your pimple will magically start shrinking!
  • Dehydration can cause oily skin. So if your skin is feeling a little bit greasy, up your water, and splash on some facial oil. Sounds crazy enough? If you apply a little bit of facial oil, you will trick your skin into thinking that it no longer needs to produce oil on it’s own.
  • Run out of your favorite makeup setting spray? Next time after you beat your pretty little face take a bath and set your makeup with steam. Don’t have enough time to take a bath? Turn on your shower, close your bathroom door, and sit in your bathroom as the steam fills up the room. Not only will this look leave you glowing with perfection, it saves you time and money.
  • Run out of eyeliner or forgot to buy some while on vacation? Grab an almond STAT, light it on fire, let it burn until it turns to ash, and gather the ash into a tiny little container. Add a teensie bit of oil and there you go, you have kohl eyeliner just like the Egyptians! It lasts all day and it’s a great natural, uber black eyeliner!
  • Did you know baby powder can give your lashes that bada boom? If your favorite lashes have sadly torn or ripped and you really want to make your own eyes pop, consider dipping a cotton swab in baby powder and coating lashes after you have applied your first layer of mascara. Then, go over your white powdered lashes with a second coat of mascara and you will magically see thick, long luscious eyelashes!

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